Friday, 15 January 2010

New Beginnings

The lovely winter wonderland is a distant memory now, and everything is turning into a distasteful grey slush. We are only just beginning to get back into our routine. The kids schools have been opening late and closing early, which really doesn't help the creative process, and the impending need to finish off tax returns is getting greater.

I on the other hand would rather be making things. At the moment I am bouncing between Valentines (which I have to admit, I'm not very good at), and starting up some of my new ideas, which I am very excited about. My new pin cushions were an idea born of necessity. Before Christmas I was lamenting my lack of pin cushion (I only had a fiddly magnetic tray - very annoying), as I was making some decorations, so I decided to quickly run one up! Using up some handy discs of felt I had already cut out made me think of a daisy, so one thing lead to another and I was sewing petals around the edge and sticking it in a little terracotta pot Ginger No1 had painted at a party.

So this is a photo of my prototype pin cushion. I am still using it now, and it is working very well.

It has undergone some major structural changes since then, adding a board in the bottom to stop the pins poking all the way through, and generally neatening up, and I am very pleased with the final item. Keep an eye out on Flickr and in my Folksy shop for the new super improved version!
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