Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Postie brought a Present....

I have been growing my own for many years now, so much so I pride my self with being the instigator of many of my friends new found passion for growing their own too. I used to have an allotment until we moved to our current house and I couldn't keep up with the overgrown garden and the allotment too. The one thing I always grow is tomatoes. Love them. Love the smell of the plants. But not this year. I have been so busy, I just never got around to planting those little seeds. This made me sad.


I was just sitting down for a cup of tea around eleven o'clock when the familiar rattle of the letter box went. Look what the postie brought me!

The lovely Sarah of Noah's Ark Crafts has been growing hundreds of tomato plants with the seeds she got from BBC Dig In Campaign and has very generously been sharing her well grown bounty with her twitter friends. She sent me a very expertly packaged parcel containing six tomato plants, and nestled in between them, I also found a bonus couple of what looks like pepper plants, and another teeny weeny tomato. They have now been potted up and are resting their very weary roots in a tray of water.

I am now very much looking forward to lots of lovely tomatoes this summer with great thanks to Sarah and her generosity!


  1. What a lovely friend and what a brilliant idea!

  2. What a great parcel to receive! I'm more than miffed that my Dig In seeds never arrived.... grrr!