Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Moving to Pastures New

I have wrestled with this site for some time now. As a blog it was fine, but I wanted a website that was a destination point for all of my web based shenanigans and unfortunately this was never going to be it!

I tried, I really did to follow Hilary Haptree' s blogging tips, but it was no use. They did not make any sense in the pea sized part of my brain reserved for computer jargon.

Then I happened upon a free website hosting service which I thought I would give a try (quite reservedly at first as it wouldn't be the first time I had tried to use a 'template' website to no avail).

But Lo and Behold! It is ruddy fantastic! I know have everything I could possibly want (for the time being) under one banner at my shiny new website.

I have absolutely no idea how to import this blog into my new blog so I am here to tell all my lovely shiny followers that you can continue to follow me at www.grannyruth.webs.com were you can find out how to shop, tweet, facebook and blog with Granny Ruth! You can even sign up and become a member and be emailed with updates! It's so exciting! What are you waiting for?

I'm off over there now....

Who wants to join me?

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