Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Blog is Born

I am writing this whilst surrounded by paper kites and the sounds of children laughing and crying, Liza Minelli and Joel Grey sing 'Money, Money' in the background. Actually it's not so much in the background, as attempting to drown out the crying. It's not working, but it is blending in, in a bizarre way.So this blog is all about what goes on in our lovely chaotic household, and my trying to make some sense out of it all. Sometimes I do wonder why I bother, maybe I should give in and just embrace the chaos. I'm not actually sure if I am making sense either at the moment. It is quite difficult with all this noise going on.Let me explain who we all are...

There is Alex, he is daddy. He spends most of his time at work, or honing his skills at the squash court. You may hear about him every now and again. His favourite place in the world is in bed. Asleep.

Next in line is me, I am Nic, currently a stay at home mum and crafter. I used to be a normal person, but then I had children and gave up work. My brain shrank to the size of a pea and since then I have been struggling between my two lives (more about them later).

Further down the line is Ginger No1. Willow is 8 yrs old and an emotional roller coaster. She's one of those artistic types, and will probably still be getting away with outbursts at the age of thirty because of it. Mind you, it works for me, and as my mother keeps pointing out, she is a chip off the old block.

Rounding off our little quartet is Ginger No2. Oscar is 5 and has just started school. He is our construction king. And an aspiring stand up comedian. He hasn't quite perfected the art of a good joke, but he's working very hard on it.

On the four legged front we have Ginger No3. Diablo the cat. We have had him from a kitten, when he was cute and a pain in the backside. I have never met a more aptly named cat (el diablo), although he is getting rather fat these days and has calmed down quite a lot in his old age. A very talkative cat and very pig headed.

Thomas is cat number 2, but thankfully no more gingers, he is black. He is a recent addition to our household, an extremely timid feline, quite surprising really as he is monstrously huge. We saved him from the terrors of city living. He couldn't hack it as a city cat, so came to live with us earlier in the year. He and Diablo are still vying for top cat position which is a bit fraught and not great on the nerves.

So that is our little family, and this blog is all about me, craft, and them.

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