Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This is not a good day

It's a good thing that I am currently spending the middle of the day on my own today. I am in such a foul mood. It started this morning when OH hijacked my making of eggy sandwiches for kids lunch box (just because I'm moaning doesn't mean I don't want to do it) I was actually trying to make the point that the eggs I had bought from the farmers market where so fresh the shells wouldn't peel off properly. But never mind.

For the whole of the rest of the day so far I have been annoyed. Keep finding things OH has done to annoy me. I know he does it on purpose. He lies in bed at night cooking up ways to irritate me.

And then if that wasn't enough, have spent most of day sorting out PTA accounts (I am treasurer) which has given me a headache, and made me even more annoyed. Still haven't finished but brain is now swimming, and no more will go in.

All I want to do is be making crafty things. Instead I had to clean kitchen and have yet to do bathroom. My friend is coming over later, her house is always immaculate, so I feel I need to make an effort.

Never mind! This evening I am going dancing! Off to Tap & Jazz for some hard core work out!
Yay! I'm sure that will help put me in a better mood, and if not, I can always get some chocolate on the way home.

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