Thursday, 12 November 2009

Socks and Monsters

So I got involved in chatting to my fellow Folksians which is something that can take over your life if you let it! But whilst chatting and reading threads, I stumbled upon Hotdogandme's challenge to fellow Folksies to transform one of her marvelous sock creature kits to be sold on Crafteroo's page on Folksy to raise money for children in need!

Luckily I managed to nip in at the end and nab myself one of said kits, and a couple of days later this is what arrived...

Originally I had marvelous ideas ideas about making a curly snail with big wobbly feelers and it was all very exciting but when it arrived it was nothing like I expected! I wouldn't exactly say I was disappointed, but thoughts of snails disintegrated quite quickly, luckily to be replaced by new ideas. It's rather bizarre to think that a humble sock can have a hidden identity. Lets face it, it's just a sock. What do socks do? They keep your feet warm and stop them rubbing on your shoes. At least, that's what I thought until Hotdogs kit turned up. Now it has taken on a whole new identity. Its almost akin to a sculpturer revealing the hidden treasure inside the stone.

So, faced with a sock adorned with hearts, i had two options, cute, or not cute, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I don't really do cute, so I hit upon the idea of a monster that was cute, but didn't want to be! At first there was a bit of stitching and unpicking as my perfectionist self wasn't impressed with the outcome until eventually Hartley Sockosaurus was born! And here he is!
Ginger No.1 and 2 didn't want him to be sold, and tried to hide him, but Hartley just didn't understand and kept 'un-hiding' himself. A couple of days later he was bought by a lovely lady and shipped off to his new home. The place just isn't the same without him!

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